The Company

GUATTA ANDREA srl was founded in 1965 and since the beginning the core business has been the moulding of thermosetting and thermoplastic materials for electrical appliances, housewares, automotive and gas meters.
The factory is located in Roè Volciano, in the north of Italy and it covers an area of about 5.000 square meters.
We have 13 injection molding machines, from 35 to 350 tons for the moulding of :

Thermosetting resins
(phenolic, melamine, epoxy, alkyd resins)
Main suppliers : Vyncolit, Sumitomo, DD, Hexion, Momentive, Chemiplastica, Sogeco.

Thermoplastic polymers
Main suppliers : EMS, Lati, Dupont, Radici.





Mould production


After-sales assistance


Waiting times reduced



We can manage the entire production process, from the mold design and construction to the production and assembly of the item, always focusing on the customer (maximum) satisfaction and highest item reliability.

The achievement of such targets allowed us to create a strong business relationship with our customers, in Italy and abroad.
We are at your disposal for evaluating the best solution to your needs. Free of charges estimates.

To find out all the products that our company offers?

handles for kitchen pots, knobs for kitchen pots