We can handle  lapping operations.

Dimensional checks

We have all the measurement tools to verify the matching of the products to the customer technical specifications (HARDNESS, ROUGHNESS, FLATNESS).


We can assemble all the items we produce

Steel cutting and deep drawing

We are equipped with the latest technology to process steel and metals in general.

We have mechanical presses from 30 to 500 tons and hydraulic presses from 50 to 600 tons for the manufacturing of items of all sizes.

Laser marking

We use state of the art equipment for laser marking on all types of surfaces, from plastic to steel.


Ultrasonic welding

We can boast decades of experience in this field.

The ultrasonic welding technology guarantees outstanding performances in terms of tightness without disturbing the aesthetic of the products.

We weld different types of plastic with excellent results.

Steel welding

We use TIG welding process to realize a wide range of products  by means of highly skilled professionals able to guarantee the achievement of the required results.

Thermoset molding

We are specialized in the moulding of various thermosetting RESINS  (phenolic, melamine, epoxy, alkyd resins) .

Main suppliers : Vyncolit, Sumitomo, DD, Hexion, Momentive, Chemiplastica, Sogeco.

Thermoplastic molding

WE MOULD A WIDE RANGE OF thermoplastic polymers


Main suppliers : EMS, Lati, Dupont, Radici.


We do coatings of all types : wood, soft touch, silver and metallic effect.